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My name is Jonny Schremmer, and I’m the Director of Auxiliary Programs. Each day of the week, The New School offers a range of Activities for our students after school. We think there’s something for everyone: the artists, techies, musicians, actors, math whizzes, trivia buffs, science lovers, journalists, and singers! All of our classes are taught by either a New School instructor or a professional from the community.

If you have any questions about our Activities program, please contact me:

Following are Activities offered for the 2016-17 school year:

Art with Christina

Art with Christina (PreK-KG)

Wednesday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 24-April 26

Ms. Christina has created her class to help and encourage the artistic talents of each student. The class is divided into month-long themed units.

Teacher: Christina Mariotti

Cost: $300 per semester

Art with Katie Zweig

Art with Katie Zweig (4th-8th)

Monday 3:45-4:45

Dates: January 9 – April 24

After school art with Katie Zweig is an exploration of drawing, painting, collage and other techniques. Students will use imagery from life to create pieces of different scales, combining materials and expanding their artistic experience.

Teacher: Katie Zweig

Cost: $200 per semester

Beginning Choir

Beginning Choir (K-4th)

Wednesday 3:45-4:30 Location: Room 316 in Lower Building

Dates: August 24 - April 27

Beginner Choir students will learn correct singing posture and technique while singing in unison. Ear training, rote memorization, and performance techniques will be main focuses, while also encouraging a love for singing and performing. Performances will include Honor-Roll Assemblies and a recital during Arts Week. Consistent attendance is highly advised for the success of the student. Kindergartners may try the club on a 3 week trial basis, and if ready the teacher will allow registration.

Teacher: Paige Flores

Cost: $50 per semester

Dance Classes

Creative Movement (PreK)

Monday 2:30-3:30 Location: Dance Studio

Dates: August 22-April 24

This class introduces a structured environment while allowing children to recognize their own individuality and body mobility. Focus is on coordination and rhythm introduced in creative and imaginative ways. Keeping students entertained while learning beginning dance skills will help them to acquire a lifelong love for dance.

Teacher: Page Darragh

Cost: $320 per semester

Hip Hop (3rd-8th)

Friday 4:45-5:45 Location: Dance Studio

Dates: August 26-April 28

This class will introduce young students to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop is about personal style and expression. This high energy class can be taught to anyone with a passion to move, so no dance experience is required. Sneakers Requested.

Teacher: Page Darragh

$320 per semester

Kindergarten Dance

Friday 3:30-4:30 Location: Dance Studio

Dates: August 26-April 28

In this class students will learn Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater and Ballet. This class will focus on rhythm, music phrasing and technique, and every two weeks the style will change.

Teacher: Page Darragh

Cost: $320 per semester

Musical Theatre (2nd-8th)

Wednesday 3:45-4:45 Location: Dance Studio

Dates: August 24-April 26

This class explores the world of acting, singing and dancing. We'll venture through the most popular shows on Broadway past and present. Prepare to enjoy some fun, collaborative musical theatre pieces to showcase! Sneakers Requested.

Teacher: Page Darragh

Cost: $320 per semester

Game Design

Game Design (5th-8th)

Monday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 22 - April 24

GameSalad is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get started building games for Macs, iOS smart devices, and the Web. Students will learn how to build fun, engaging games of all types, from mazes to infinite runners, to old-school platform games. GameSalad is easy enough for complete beginners to understand and use, plus, the games themselves are so much fun to play!

Teacher: Mary Kim Harp

Cost: $150 per semester


Guitar Lessons (1st-8th)

Guitar lessons are offered on The New School campus for students of all skill levels. Enrollment includes four 30 minute individual lessons per month. Families should contact the teacher at to set up a weekly schedule for individual lessons.

Teacher: Drew Rogers

Cost: $320 for fall semester

Lego Robotics

Jr. Lego Robotics (3rd & 4th)

Monday 3:45-5:00

Dates: August 22-April 24

Jr. Lego Robotics is an introductory class for 3rd and 4th graders to learn the fundamentals of problem solving and critical thinking through the use of Legos. Classes will focus on fostering collaboration and creativity to solve basic engineering challenges. Topics include simple machines, Lego robot building, and EV3 programming.

Teacher: Phil Schwartz

Cost: $200 per semester

Lego Robotics (5th-8th)

Wednesday 3:45-5:30 & Fridays 3:45-5:30

Dates: August 24-April 26

Lego Robotics is an advanced look at the world of robotics and programming. In the first semester, students work together to develop a creative solution to a real-world problem, and then present their research at a Robotics Competition. During the second semester, students work on independent study and challenges developed by their coach.

Teacher: Phil Schwartz

Cost: $300 per semester

Math Counts

Math Counts (6th-8th)

Monday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 22-April 24

Math Counts is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging "bee" style contests. In addition to on campus competition, students will have the opportunity to compete with other schools in the NWA area.

Teacher: Madison Sandig

Cost: $25 per semester


Minecraft (5th-8th Grade)

Tuesday & Thursday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 23-April 27

Students will participate in a community of their peers with a heavy influence on cooperation and creativity. Students will build everything from cities and intricate public transportation systems to immense TNT cannons and sheep launchers. In order to join the club students must each have their own Minecraft PC edition account, not Pocket Edition, or Xbox, or the free Demo version. Additionally students must have access to a computer outside of class that they can play on.

Teacher: Patrick Graff

Cost: $200 per semester

Orff Instrument & Vocal Ensemble

Orff Instrument & Vocal Ensemble (5th-8th)

Thursday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 25 - April 27

Orff Ensemble members will get the chance to work up higher-level ensemble pieces involving singing, recorders, Orff instruments, ukuleles, and drums. Students will get the chance to practice improvisation techniques and work together in an ensemble. We will perform in various concerts throughout the year. Consistent attendance is highly suggested for student success.

Teacher: Paige Flores

Cost: $200 per semester

Pathfinder Role Playing

Pathfinder Roleplaying (Grades 7-9)

Tuesday 3:45-4:45

Dates: January 10 – April 25

Prepare for adventure! Pathfinder is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the widely-known Dungeons and Dragons. Players assume the role of a hero in a fantasy world where they use might, magic, and their wits to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. Students will work as a team, using creativity and critical thinking to overcome various challenges. No prior tabletop or roleplaying experience is required.

Maximum 5 students.

Cost: $200 per semester

Teacher: Daniel Snyder


Piano Lessons (K-8)

Piano lessons are offered on The New School campus for all levels of students. Enrollment includes four 30 minute individual lessons per month. Families should contact the teacher at or to set up a weekly schedule for individual lessons. Our teachers use different methods for teaching piano.

Luz Delpilar uses the Piano Adventures method books. This is an 8-level student-centered approach that uses analysis, creativity, and expression to develop a “musical mind and heart.” It has delightful, pianistic pieces and creative theory pages, as well as an outstanding technical approach. She works at each student's pace to promote piano study not only for personal expression and performance success, but also as a vehicle for the student's creative and cognitive development.

Rachel Phillippe teaches the Suzuki Method, which applies the same concepts that are used when a child learns their mother tongue, such as listening, starting with attainable goals that gradually build as student progresses, and repeating for reinforcement and solidification of skill. It is not only vital for a student to develop a strong musical ear but also the ability to read music, understand music theory and perform. This engages the student in a gratifying environment of success in their own achievement, the joy of sharing and the social ability to collaborate with other musicians.

Teacher: Luz Delpilar & Rachel Phillippe

Cost: $320 for fall semester

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl (6th-8th)

Friday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 26-April 28

Quiz Bowl is a weekly competition where Middle School students get the chance to test their knowledge in subjects ranging from Harry Potter to Ancient Egypt to the Periodic Table. Students are encouraged to join these boisterous trivia matches any time!

Teacher: Matt Harp

Cost: $25 per semester

Super Science

Super Science (K-3rd)

Tuesday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 23-October 18 (No Class August 30)

After school science programming is one of the services offered by Super Science. This eight week class covers varying subjects of science to make each afternoon an experience with dinosaurs, chemistry, space, geology, physics, etc. Kids will always leave class with cool take-homes completing the science experience with that hands-on activity.

Teacher: Stephen Cox

Cost: $140 for 8 weeks


Violin Lessons (K-8)

Violin lessons are offered on The New School campus for students of all skill levels. Enrollment includes four 30 minute individual lessons per month. Families should contact the teacher at to set up a weekly schedule for individual lessons.

Teacher: Davis Napier

Cost: $320 for fall semester


Yearbook Club (6th-8th)

Tuesday 3:45-4:45

Dates: August 23 - April 26

The yearbook staff will work together to create the 2016-17 yearbook for the entire school. In the Fall, work will focus on selecting a theme, designing layouts, and photography concepts. In the Spring, the staff will assemble, publish, and distribute the yearbooks.

Teacher: Hannah Suggs

Cost: $25 per semester

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