Faculty Directory

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Michelle Aguilar-Martinez

Gina Anglin

3-Year-Old Lead Teacher
Child Development Associate, NWACC

Cody Apperson

Maintenance Director

Laura Apperson

Head of K-6
Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, University of Arkansas

Natasha Bailey

3-Year-Old Assistant Teacher

Channing Baldwin

Communications Officer
Bachelor of Arts, Communications, University of Arkansas

Attila Berry

2nd Grade Teacher
Bachelor of Arts, English, Lyon College
Master of Arts, Journalism, Syracuse University

Bryn Burnett

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Keith Cameron

Director of Academic Technology
Bachelor of Arts, Photography, University of Central Missouri

Renee Cameron

3-Year-Old Lead Teacher
Associate of Arts and Child Development Associate, NWACC and UofA

Helen Canales

3-Year-Old Assistant Teacher

Chelsey Carter

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education, Education, University of Arkansas

Pauline Chacon

Receptionist, Substitute Coordinator, and Database Coordinator

Cecely Clark

ECE Language Discovery Teacher/Floating Teacher
Bachelor of Arts in English, English, Harding University

Jason Clark

Upper School English Teacher
Master of Arts in Teaching, English, Southern Arkansas University
Bachelor of Arts, English, Harding University

Annie Courtway

Upper School Spanish Teacher
Bachelor of Arts, 1) Global Studies 2) Spanish, Warren Wilson College

Christian Crabtree

12 to 20 Month Assistant Teacher

Victor Craig

Director of Technology

Kimberly Davidson

Learning Specialist Lower and Middle School K-6
Master of Science, Early Childhood/Elementary Education/Reading, Arkansas State University

Jamie Ebersole

Upper School English Teacher
Master of Arts, English, University of Vermont
Bachelor of Arts, English, Muhlenberg College
1 2 3 5 > showing 1 - 20 of 95 constituents