Our Mission:

The New School community empowers each student through a well-rounded experience and inspires a love of lifelong learning.

Our Vision:

Our students will be confident and engaged learners who lead through collaboration and compassion.

Our Core Values:









Our Philosophy

At The New School, we believe that a school should inspire a love of learning while promoting children’s social growth, emotional growth, intellectual development and creativity. We believe that children learn best in a positive environment with careful direction and guidance from teachers who demonstrate caring and concern for each child. We believe that a school should encourage exploration and inquiry in an environment enriched with opportunities in the arts and sciences, and we believe that a school’s instructional programs should ensure that students reach their full potential for academic achievement. To achieve these goals, The New School is committed to selecting outstanding teachers and supporting them with the highest quality of professional development.

We believe that an early childhood education program should provide the best possible care and educational experiences for young children. We strive to maintain an atmosphere in which children can feel safe, accepted and loved. For our youngest learners, we strive to stimulate intellectual development by providing opportunities for exploration and discovery as well as teacher-directed activities that accommodate different attention spans, interest levels, and learning styles. We work to help children develop positive patterns of interaction with others, an excitement about learning and a strong sense of self.

In Lower, Middle and Upper school, we endeavor to ensure that every student experiences academic success. With small classes and even smaller instructional groups, teachers carefully monitor each student’s progress and ensure that students strive for the highest level of achievement appropriate for each child. The New School grading system supports competence in all academic subjects while arts and enrichment activities broaden students’ experience and stimulate enthusiasm for learning. At The New School we believe that efforts should be made to help students develop the firm academic foundation and the organizational skills they will need to be successful in their future academic endeavors.

At The New School we strive to promote a sense of community that helps each child and family feel connected and valued. We believe that school programs should promote kindness and cooperation to all members of the school community, including students, parents, faculty and staff. We believe that a school should help students become good citizens with a sense of responsibility and respect for others within the school community and throughout the world beyond.