2019 Top Scholastic Summer Readers

We want to give a shout-out and congratulations to all of our participants and top readers in the 2019 Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge! The New School was named Best in State with 117,008 minutes read!


First Grade

1st        Henry Lacy                  1792 min

2nd       Levi Cawthon              293 min

3rd        Brooks Smith              289 min


Second Grade

1st        Quin Williams             8189 min

2nd       Lindley Parker             2040 min

3rd        Hazel Greenhil l           1061 min


Third Grade

1st        Jade Holland               4933 min

2nd       Ophelia Harp               3800 min

3rd        Felice Khoo                  2876 min


Fourth Grade

1st        Ansh Kumar                15200 min       1st Place Overall

2nd       Caleb Antin                 11890 min       2nd Place Overall

3rd        Anna White                 6240 min


Fifth Grade

1st        Layla Parker                 2250 min

2nd       Ana Sofia Galindo       1467 min

3rd        Gabriella Yandell        1275 min


Sixth Grade

1st        Samuel Antin              11600 min       3rd Place Overall

2nd       Cade Hancock             6115 min

3rd        Kaden Nguyen             4620 min

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