April Cougar of the Month

Andrew K. is currently in the first grade at The New School. This year marks his third at the school. 

“Simply put, Andrew is extraordinary! He is respectful, kind, funny, bright, dedicated, and an absolute delight to be around. He's only in the first grade and has been in distance learning this entire school year. Despite the challenges, Andrew is always completely engaged, focused, and ready to learn. If I suggest we get off our zoom call even a few minutes early (because he's already worked so hard and long), he never wants to do that. I look forward to seeing Andrew every week. His positive attitude is infectious and his work ethic is unparalleled. Go Andrew!”- Lin Hodges, Virtual Coordinator 

“Andrew consistently shows cougar pride. He is prepared for each assignment, respects his teachers, shows integrity, uses self discipline, and puts a lot of effort into all assignments. He is always eager to learn and has a smile on his face. I'm thankful to be his homeroom teacher.” - Eboni Logan, Lower School Teacher

What activities are you involved in and outside of school?

I participate in soccer, basketball, science, art, and board games extracurricular programs at TNS. I take basketball, piano, swimming, and ice-skating lessons outside of school. I also enjoy biking, kayaking, and playing tennis.

What do you think is unique about students at The New School?

All the teachers I have had are great teachers. They care about their students and are always very helpful. The students at TNS are all smart and fun to play with. I have made lots of good friends. I also like participating in the sports programs such as basketball and soccer.

Who is a teacher you admire at The New School and why?

The teacher I admire most is Ms. Eboni. She teaches me reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. She is a wonderful and excellent teacher. She is so loving, friendly, and patient with her students. She gives me good advice on school and studies. I’ve learned a lot from her.

What has been your favorite class at The New School? 

My favorite subject is science. I think experiments are so much fun to do. Science helps me understand how things work.

Which of our school values are most important to you?

The TNS values I connect with the most are Curiosity and Community because TNS is a good place for me to grow and discover, and all the people at TNS are very kind, helpful, and friendly.

The New School Cougar of the Month features one student each month, nominated by their teacher, who positively reflects the school's mission, vision and values

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