From the Head of School | July 1, 2019

Dear New School Community,

I feel so fortunate to have finally arrived to begin my tenure at The New School. I have felt so welcomed already, and it makes me think about how important a welcome is. How we welcome people into our community is critical to nurturing an inclusive community. There are so many different gestures that cultures use to welcome people into their community⁠— a bow, different forms of handshakes, bumping noses, an air kiss. Beyond any welcoming gesture is how we invite people into our communities — a dinner invitation, an orientation to learn about the community, a sharing of rituals or practices.

One thing I’ve noticed as part of The New School welcome is an authentic curiosity and an assumption of value. When someone joins our community, we not only want to orient them to our practices, we must also be curious about who they are and value what they bring to our community. Any community is enriched by diversity, and inclusivity means not only teaching people but learning from them.

I am grateful to be invited and welcomed into The New School community and look forward to welcoming our students and families with the same authentic curiosity and value this fall. In the meantime, if you are a family at The New School this summer, please do say “hello” and introduce yourself. If not, enjoy this important time of relaxation, recreation, family, and friends.

Warm Regards,

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