How Children Can Celebrate World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a day organized by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. 

Just as we encourage our children to wash their hands for good health, it is important to help our children understand how their actions can support the health of our environment. 

1. Go on a Nature Walk

  Our role as a caretaker of our environment can begin right in our own back yard! Take a nature walk around your backyard or through your neighborhood to observe the nature around you. How many birds did you see? Were there any bugs? Are there many different kinds of plants? 

2. Learn about Local Recycling and Re-Using 

Learn what items your city recycling program accepts, and then take observe how many items in your home could be recycled when they're used. How many of these items could be re-used before being thrown out or recycled?  

Bentonville Recycling

Fayetteville Recycling

Rogers Recycling

Springdale Recycling

3. Make a "Green" Family Plan

Make a list of your family's daily habits, and then reflect on how your family could limit or adjust these habits to be more environmentally friendly. 

Do we leave appliances plugged in or running when no longer in use? How often do we take baths when a shower could do? Do we use disposable products, such as shopping bags, paper plates or utensils, that could be replaced with re-usable products? 

4. Local Litter Picking

Put on brightly colored clothing and grab a trash bag to pick up trash along sidewalks in your neighborhood. Keep an eye on the Keep Arkansas Beautiful website to find local opportunities to participate in cleanups. 

5. Plant a tree together

Taking time to plant a tree together can serve as a constant reminder to your family's commitment to being good stewards of the environment. Visit a local nursery to find trees that are native to Arkansas.

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