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Dear New School Families,

To think we are a week away from winter break and there is so much to be thankful for, especially in the world we live today. Each day presents new challenges, and often new opportunities. An inspirational mentor of mine, who passed away a few years ago, would remind me to “Always, remember Jack:  this is not your fault, but it is now your problem.” I can relate this now to the pandemic, which I know was something that I could not prevent beyond a personal level, but it is something that we all have had to, and continue to, navigate and live through. 

Every day, I try to find something positive to appreciate, and there are days when this can be hard. However, with every challenge, there is always an opportunity and there is always something in your life to be grateful for. 

I am probably going to date myself here... but many will remember David Letterman’s top ten list every night on The Late Show. I would like to share with you my top ten list for everything I am thankful for in and around The New School Community!

My Top Ten TNS Thankful List

10. Realizing that wearing a mask not only is keeping us all safe but keeps your face warm during carline. 

9. Starting my day with a smile greeting all of the students as they arrive in the morning.

8. My personal music concert by Mr. Troy during carline

7. Hearing the heartwarming goodbyes from parents to their children in the morning, such as “Be Smart today” or “Learn something today”

6. Thursday’s sausage, egg and cheese breakfast tacos from SAGE Dining

5. The level of precaution and care that our community is taking to keep our school a safe and healthy place.

4. Laughing out loud many times throughout the day with co-workers and students 

3. Working at a school with innovative and passionate people

2. Our shared accomplishment in opening in August and continuing to stay open so that our students of every age can attend school, in person or virtually

And number 1… drum roll ... I am thankful for The New School community— the parents, students, faculty and staff. 

We have made it to winter break and for that everyone should celebrate and be thankful. The next couple of months will present challenges but I believe that together, as a community, we can meet any challenge 2021 might bring. Together we are strong and resilient. As we say goodbye to 2020 (thankfully), I wish you all a safe and restful winter break!  

See you in 2021!

With Cougar Pride,


Jack Sweeney

Director of Enrollment and Admission

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