Jack Sweeney | March 15 | Cougar Chronicle

Spring Break is a week away and all I can think about is where we were last year at this time. As a school, we were just beginning to figure out the challenges of distance learning, working from home and wondering how this pandemic would affect our community. For the most part, we all were trying to figure out what COVID-19 was and many people figured it would not last long. Now we know more about COVID-19, many of us have been or will get vaccinated and we see light at the end of the tunnel. 

I was a history teacher and often wonder how the pandemic will be remembered or taught in history books. As we move forward, we will do exactly that - move forward, hopefully have a healthy spring break and get excited for the rest of the school year. We do have some exciting events planned for the Spring - we will celebrate our arts programs with Arts Week coinciding with our Spring Auction (April 19-23). Both events will be a week-long celebration of our art, drama, and music programs with live and video performances, as well as, virtual art shows. The Spring Auction will be centered around The New School’s values - Curiosity, Character and Community. 

Here is a sneak peek at a few auction items and some events planned for the week:

Auction Items - Paddle Raises, Teacher Appreciation Raffle, Wine and Beer Pull, Tuition Raffle, Art, Community Gift card baskets supporting local businesses, Chef Cooking Event, Parking Spaces and other fun items. 

Arts and Auction Events-

Monday - Music Hour with Mr. Troy (morning) & State of the School, Nancy Lang (6:00pm)

Tuesday - K-6 Music Video

Wednesday- Upper School Drama production video

Thursday - ECE - 12th Grade Virtual Art Show

Friday - Family Dinner, Auction winners, Closing Remarks & Music Performance by Upper School students. 

I am looking forward to our community being involved in this virtual event. I know this will not feel like the spring party of old, but I am confident our community will come together to make the event successful. 

Thank you for all of your support and I hope you and your family have a safe and relaxing spring break.

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