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Dear K-6 Families,

As I sit here writing this blog, I have been thinking about all the sweet and engaging things that are happening at the K-6 Division.  With the weather getting warmer, many of our lessons are starting to migrate back outside.  I have observed many lessons outside; reading lessons with students at an appropriate distance without masks engaging and enjoying reading under the sun, art class creating sun prints, math games with a total physical response activity, and students laying in the grass while writing persuasive essays on clipboards.  Learning has continued inside, as well.  We have students starting novel studies of the Iditarod, younger students studying words in two color sand, and other students going on virtual field trips all over the world with virtual reality headsets. 

In the hallways, we hear lots of laughter, especially over April Fool’s Day.  One teacher put the letter “e” on brown construction paper and passed out “brown e’s” to all the students for their afternoon snack (then later gave them homemade, nut free brownies to the class)!  The 4th-6th grade team encouraged our students to take mask breaks.  They were taking their masks off in the mask break areas wearing stick-on mustaches under their masks.  The students couldn’t stop laughing and wondering who else was wearing crazy things under their masks.

With all of this fun, we still thrive on routines for our students during the day.  Even though the students have different lessons from day to day, our schedule and high expectations are still in place.  Students understand our procedures and routines, even with varied teachers in their classroom.  This creates a fun and safe learning environment.  I have been amazed at the resiliency of our students and how they have thrived in a pandemic.  This is mainly because of parent support in helping us maintain our routines and procedures.  Lastly, I want to thank our teachers and parents for all the support you have given this division to ensure a continued and happy learning environment.  We will finish strong in these final seven weeks of the 2020-21 school year.  It is always a great day to be a Cougar!

Jade House

Head of K-6

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