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Dear K-6 Families,

We just completed our first full week of school and cannot be any prouder of our students.  Our students are wearing their masks successfully and practicing being socially distant.  When children understand the routine and expectations, they will always exceed it.  Thank you to all of our parents for helping us maintain safety measures, as well!

Although our safety measures and routines might look a little different from last year, our student learning is still the same!  This week we have been working with your children and assessing their knowledge of being off-campus since March of last year.  We are developing learning plans for every student.  As I have been in classrooms and walking down the hallways this week, our students are learning how to participate in science labs, reading various genres, having mini-lessons of writing techniques, and the list goes on.  

This week we will be helping our kindergarten students learn their colors.  For our new families, this is an annual event called Color Week. I encourage all of the families to participate in wearing the designated color of the day.  

Monday- Red
Tuesday- Orange
Wednesday- Yellow
Thursday- Green
Friday- Blue

Please remember we are communicating with Blackbaud.  The homeroom teacher is posting their Friday Note and any pertinent information on their bulletin board.  If you need help with accessing Blackbaud, please contact Jack Sweeney.  He would be happy to assist you!

With Cougar Pride,

Jade House

Head of K-6

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