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Dear K-6 Families,

January is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.  With another year battling COVID-19, many of our memories have been clouded with anxiety and lockdowns.  Despite the pandemic, we are still able to find positives within our lives and our school.  Many of us enjoyed the lockdown and were able to slow our busy schedules down to enjoy some alone time with our families, while others who thrive on the outside world, couldn’t wait for school to start.  At TNS, we had to make some changes to ensure the safety of our students and teachers.  Through some of the changes, the way we communicate between teacher and parent has changed, but we are still communicating!

We are halfway through our middle of the year parent-teacher conferences.  As you all know, we have conducted these via Zoom/video conferencing.  The main goal is to reconnect, reflect, plan and support one another.  Although the way we are able to accomplish conferences this year looks a little different, our teachers have enjoyed the time to just sit and reflect on your child’s educational goals with you, as well as discuss and develop educational plans for the remainder of the school year.  

With our Learning Management System, Blackbaud, our parents are able to access more information about their child than ever before.  If your child is in first to sixth grade, parents can even select “grade detail” to drill down to compare how their child is doing with every day classwork (formative assessments) to projects/tests (summative assessments).  Parents can see their child’s assignments, if he/she is missing work, attendance and so much more.  Our teachers are using this tool as another way of communication with our parents.  We encourage our parents to access Blackbaud every Friday for “Friday Notes”, grades, etc.  We hope to lessen your email inbox by giving you one place to access a plethora of information.

Our teachers continue to communicate with parents through email and phone calls.  Last year Head of School, Ms. Nancy, discussed the importance of a “happy circle”, where happy teachers create happy parents and happy students.  Parents ask me throughout the year, “How can I support my child?”.  I usually respond by encouraging frequent communication with the teacher and positive communication with your child.  Although the way we communicate looks a little different this year, the key is that we stay in touch with each other.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher, if you believe there is something we need to know and we will make sure and do the same!  

With Cougar Pride,

Jade House

Head of K-6

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