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Dear K-6 Families,

We are on the final countdown to Spring Break!  We have noticed a slight student uptick of negative behavior and anxiousness about the change of routine.  This is all normal with the looming year anniversary of COVID in Arkansas, as well as knowing our world is changing yet again.  Every family is emotionally in different places on COVID measures.  Some families are going on vacations during Spring Break and others are staying home and isolating themselves.  Our students are talking about their plans.  This is normal, but it can cause some anxiety.

So, what can we do to help our children cope through a pandemic or constant change?  If you haven’t seen the link from Nancy Lang about Lisa Damour and anxiety, I highly recommend it.  As families, our routines are still very different than they were a year ago. However, here are some simple things families can do to help their child navigate through this new world:

  • Accept emotions: It is important to let your child know it is okay how they are feeling. Their emotions are valid.  What we can control are our actions to our emotions.
  • Exercise: It is important to keep moving through the pandemic.  Some families have started online subscriptions to receive yoga or exercise classes where the entire family can participate. Even a walk around the block or playing in the yard will uplift any mood.
  • Regulating sleeping and eating: We may not be able to control our world right now, but we can help keep a routine with eating a healthy diet and sleeping on a daily routine.

We are almost to break and even though this can mean different things for different families, please take some time to relax.  Please give yourself grace and find the positives.  Our students have been working hard at The New School.  Thank you for your support and helping us finish strong!

Jade House

Head of K-6

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