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Dear K-6 Families,

With senior commencement around the corner, this is the time that I sit and reflect on the year.  We have a lot to celebrate. We successfully kept the school open for the academic year. Thank you for going through this journey with us. I appreciate all of the parent support we received to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. 

Although it may have looked a little different, our students were still able to have similar experiences through a pandemic. In October, our students normally go to a pumpkin patch.  With the help of our maintenance staff and teachers, we created our own pumpkin patch with outdoor games. Our second graders were able to create an online holiday store. They even learned more about online sales and created a “processing center”. Our fourth graders are still able to have their State Fair, although it may look a little different. Thanks to Sage Dining and our teachers, they are able to create culinary experiences, as well as, display their knowledge. As an administrator, I am so grateful for the creativity of our faculty and staff to help recreate fun experiences and traditions we have at TNS.

The changes we made allowed us to increase our academic time within the classroom. This has been an advantage for us, as we have been able to hone in on individual skills for your child, as well as, provide enrichment for many different areas. As an educator, I pride myself with networking with other educators. When I explain what we have been working on, the same response has been, “Wow, you are lucky.” or “How are you able to do all of this?” I believe it comes down to a great parent and teacher relationship.

Although you, as parents, may not have been able to see all of the events first hand, the students have not missed many experiences while feeling very celebrated during the school year. Thank you again for all that you have done to ensure the health and safety of everyone on campus.

We all wish for this pandemic to “go away” and understand every family at TNS has been impacted in some way. However, within the TNS community, we have a lot of accomplishments to celebrate, the biggest one being keeping our campus open this year. Please remember, we will continue to teach meaningful and hands-on learning until the last day of school, as well as, having fun social distanced events. Thank you again to ensure we remain Cougar Strong!

Jade House

Head of K-6

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