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Dear K-6 Families,

With school breaks around the corner, it is more important than ever for your child to continue to read every day.  Many of us have heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect.”  This is the same phrase in reading comprehension.  Giving your child the opportunity to read and reread passages or texts every day over a course of a week, students improve accuracy, fluency and reading comprehension. 

While you are listening to your child read, ask questions to check for their understanding.  You can discuss:

  • Connections to the events in the book with your child’s experiences.
  • Do you think the character is sad/ happy/ etc.?
  • What can you predict will happen next?  Why do you think this? How do you know?
  • Ask clarifying questions
  • What happened at the beginning of the book?  Middle? End?

Fluency in reading always improves comprehension, because your child is not focused on the sounds of a word.  They are focused more on the meaning of the text.  While your child is reading, listen for subtle changes to tone, cadence, and stress of words and phrases.  Even differentiating characters’ voices will allow your child to understand the mood of the story.  

Please encourage your child to pick out a new book during their TNS library time before our long school breaks or feel free to shop our Scholastic Book Fair.  Even with COVID, our local libraries are still open, just operating with different hours.  

I know many of us are very busy, but even having your child read to their pet, in front of a mirror, a family member or even their favorite stuffed animal, reading everyday will help your child hone in on the reading strategies they have been learning at TNS.  If you are wanting more ideas of how to help your child at home, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

Jade House

Head of K-6

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