January Cougar of the Month

Winnie B. is currently in the ninth grade at The New School. This year marks her third year attending the school. 

"Since Winnie came to The New School as a sixth-grader from New York City, I knew we were in for something very special. She immediately impressed me (and everyone else) with her incredible acting ability, which has only gotten more and more impressive with each passing year. She also knew every lyric to every song from "Hamilton" at a time when few did. But what really makes Winnie stand out to me is how she treats everyone around her. She is encouraging, positive and totally hilarious. She works hard at everything she does, and the result is always amazing. Every day that I get to be with Winnie is a good one. " — Jonny Schremmer, Arts Director and Drama Teacher

What activities are you involved in and outside of school?

I am in the Art Club and Service Club these are during school. In the past, I have been in dance, yearbook, the rock band for a little while, and the Neurodiversity Club. Outside of school, I take voice lessons and summer theater programs. 

What is special about being a student at The New School?

One thing I like about The New School is how close I feel to everyone. Although the class sizes are small, I have so many friends in grades both below me and above me, I never feel alone. Another thing I like about The New School is the kindness of the staff. It seems that if I'm ever struggling in a class the teachers are ready to help me. It feels like I'm getting one-on-one tutoring. Lastly, I really appreciate how the school likes to hear all of the students' opinions on things. It makes me feel like I have a say on things going on around me.   

Who is a teacher you admire at The New School and why?

I admire Miss Madison. She was my seventh grade and eighth-grade math teacher. I was never very good at math and there were a lot of concepts I didn't understand. I would constantly second guess myself and would usually get the answer wrong because of that. However, Miss Madison helped me to be more confident and sure of the answers I got. She was always positive and funny, she made math a fun subject for me instead of one that I usually dread.     

What do you think is unique about The New School?

I think TNS is unique because of how much the teachers really care about their students and the subjects they teach. I think all of the teachers are genuinely having fun doing what they do, and that makes classes ten times more enjoyable. 

Mrs. Nancy is a great leader and always makes me feel welcome!

What has been your favorite class at The New School? 

My favorite class subject is biology. I like biology because the ideas and topics we discuss are fascinating to me.  

Which of our school values are most important to you?

Character and Community because I really love the atmosphere and all the people, students and teachers, who go to The New School. 

The New School Cougar of the Month features one student each month, nominated by their teacher, who positively reflects the school's mission, vision and values. 

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