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Dear New School Families,

It was a great first full week of classes and it was a joy to see so many new and familiar faces. As we approach our 50th year as a school, it is important to reflect on and celebrate the past, while also building for our future. Although events and all school gatherings will look and feel much different for The New School this year, we ask that you continue your generous support of The New School. Next month, we will announce bold and exciting fundraising initiatives for this school year. In preparation for more to come, I wanted to share a few Q&As about The New School Annual Fund for our new families and those returning. 

Why an Annual Fund?
At most independent schools, an annual fund serves as the philanthropic foundation of giving. Each year, schools rely on unrestricted annual fund contributions to provide resources for students and faculty that support educational initiatives not covered by tuition alone.
What does the Annual Fund Support?
Your gift to The New School Annual Fund supports people and programs that characterize our  TNS educational experience, such as strong academic programs, the arts, athletics and technology. Each of these experiences, supported by generous donations, positively impact every aspect of academic and student life. You and your support are the difference between a school that meets the standards our students deserve and one that exceeds them, ensuring an unparalleled educational experience at The New School. The Annual Fund is a vital source of institutional momentum for the school. It supports every student, every teacher, every program, every day. We are grateful for your support.
Who participates in the Annual Fund?
Everyone in the TNS community! Parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff, and friends of the School come together each year to contribute.
How much should I give?
The answer to that question is easy: as much as you feel you can give. Whether your gift is $10, $100 or even $10,000, it’s an important statement of gratitude and investment that shows your passionate belief and pride in The New School experience and mission. Every gift matters, no matter the size. 
What about my company's matching gift program?
The New School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and gifts to TNS  are tax deductible in the manner and to the extent provided by law. Many companies match gifts to nonprofits. To find out if your employer will match your gift to The New School, check with your HR Department. 

I look forward to getting to know each and every family to continue building our strong New School community.

In partnership,

John Gourlay

Director of Development

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