Mary Sweeney | March 15 | Cougar Chronicle

This time last year, our whole world started to feel anxious about many unknowns with the onset of Covid-19. Everyone’s life changed in ways we never could foresee. One year later, I have learned a lot about myself and trying to parent through a different lens. As a teacher, feeling safe in the classroom is something in early childhood we know is important to the emotional well-being of our students but as a parent and living through these times with many of the unknowns and what-ifs was challenging for me. It was difficult at times to convince my own children that “everything was going to be okay”. I don’t know about you but I started to question everything I said and believed.

This is when I found myself leaning into vulnerability with my family over quarantine. Brené Brown states that “Vulnerability is not winning or losing. It’s having the courage to show up when you can’t control the outcome”.  This is what I think we have all done this year and learned.  Sometimes showing up and finding the positive is what keeps us going. 

So many of our young children have learned the same this year and even though many of us are worried about what effect this will have on them socially long term, I like to think of the positive things we can walk away with. Families have tried their best to find the calm in a storm that we couldn’t control... to keep their children feeling safe. Children have reminded us to make our own good when the world around us feels different and that being together builds closer relationships when we stop and slow down.  During this time a year ago my children could come up with so many things we could simply do at home together. A young child’s imagination was huge during these times of playing at home and many of us found comfort in the outdoors.

One year later, we are still showing up, and finding the courage to face each day with new and/or different challenges and all of us have a new respect for keeping the school doors open. I can remember when teachers thought there was no way they could wear a mask every day but we do... for the children. I can remember thinking about all the new cleaning procedures and how timely it would be... now it is second nature. I can remember teachers telling me they didn’t think a car line would work for little ones... now I have parents asking if we could keep this.  Challenge has brought change but together we have found both have brought success.  Thank you for trusting us and braving the challenges together this year. The smiles and laughter in the building each day remind me of how lucky we are as a community. 

TNS Strong, 

Mary Sweeney

Head of Early Childhood

Please save the date for a few things coming up:

April 5-9 Parent-Teacher Conferences (sign-ups in Bloomz)

May 4th and May 5th- PreK Farnahans Circus Play (outdoor performance with social distancing will be in place-more details to come)


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