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Dear New School Early Childhood Families,

As fall is approaching, we would like to invite you to two parent events to provide an update on classroom happenings and academics. This is an opportunity to engage with your child's teacher.

We are holding parent nights on different nights to accommodate families with multiple children. These parent nights will be held on Zoom by your child’s classroom teachers. This will be a great time to connect with your child’s teachers and learn about the curriculum, class schedule, and ask questions that still remain unanswered. Most of your children have adjusted and have started to feel comfortable in class.  

These meetings will be held by your classroom teachers on the following dates/times. All Zoom Meeting Ids and passcodes will be posted on Bloomz and shared in your child’s Friday Note on September 4th.

Toddler Parent Night September 8th @ 6-6:45 by Zoom    

  • Ms. Allison/Ms. Crissy          
  • Ms. Ruth/Ms. Vivi               
  • Ms. Tracy/Ms. Anna                   

Three’s Parent Night September 9th @ 6-6:45 by Zoom    

  • Ms. Cathy/Ms. Courtney        
  • Ms. Gina/Ms. Mary           
  • MS. Renee/Ms. Helen            

PreK/TK Parent Night September 10th @ 6-6:45 by Zoom    

  • Ms. Brandy/Mr. Alex                  
  • Ms. Chelsey/Ms. Christie               
  • Ms. Fallon/Ms. Kristen              
  • Ms. Haley/Ms. Anna               

We hope that you can join us to learn more about your child’s experience this year. We are lucky to have you as part of our community and want to make this experience a memorable one.  Early childhood is a special time as we are lucky to get to experience some firsts with your child and enjoy the sparkle in their eyes when they accomplish something new. The joy of doing something for the first time or completing something you didn’t think was possible is important to learning and we share in this joy daily. “Never help a child do something at which he thinks he can succeed by himself,”-Maria Montessori

The second important parent event that will occur this fall is Parent-Teacher Conferences. Early Childhood Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place during the week of October 19-23.  Teachers will have signups on your class Bloomz account for the week and invite you to a one on one zoom meeting.  Parent-Teacher conferences are the perfect time to check in on how your child is developing and growing. A fall progress report will be shared at this time and teachers will have conducted a formal developmental assessment with your child. More information will be shared by your classroom teacher closer to the date but please make a note on your own calendar.

Keep up the momentum!

TNS Strong

Mary Sweeney

Head of Early Childhood Education

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