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Dear New School Community,

Like many, I have an app on my phone that shows photos “on this day” from past years. Each day, I take a moment to reflect on these photos. It’s remarkable to me the depth of emotion a photo can evoke. As I look back, I also think about what photos I need to take on this day. What events do I want to capture? What emotions do I want to remember? This, in turn, prompts me to be more mindful of the present, the memories I am creating.

This week’s Chronicle blogs speak to the connection between reflection and hope. J.R. Neiswender writes of the power of the word “perseverance” and the relationship between perseverance and success, something that our students can only truly learn through experience and reflection. Jonny Schremmer’s blog gives voice to the creativity of our music teachers to honor the importance of music in education throughout this pandemic year. They speak about how much they have learned, and in some ways have become better teachers, through their perseverance. Jade House shines a light on how the routines we adopted have become a structure that is enabling authentic learning and just plain fun! Mary Sweeney writes about celebrating the small moments of joy in our otherwise hectic lives. And Jack Sweeney writes with anticipation about our upcoming Spring Auction and Arts Week, of bringing our community together in celebration and hope for the future of The New School!

When I think back to one year ago today, I think about the uncertainty of the weeks and months ahead, the weight of wondering how our students and teachers would fare in distance learning, the concern that our first graduating class might not have their ceremony, and the conflicted emotion of being quarantined and leading our school from Idaho. When I look back at the photos from one year ago today, I am reminded of my wonderful husband who pulled me away from my makeshift desk for a beautiful sunny snowshoe, where we witnessed a herd of elk migrating to new feeding grounds, and the joy and hope that brought to my day. And when I see where we are now, I realize how important hope was, and is, for all of us! What moment of joy and hope am I going to create and savor today? What moment will you create and savor?


Nancy Lang

Head of School

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