Nancy Lang | August 24 | Cougar Chronicle

Dear New School Community,

We are eight days into the start of our 50th year, which is both exciting and odd to say. When else would we be considering eight days of school operations to be a valuable metric, other than during a pandemic?! It is worth acknowledging, and we must also zoom out and consider how we will measure our success in eight weeks, eight months, and even eight years. We begin by setting our top three priorities for the 2020-21 TNS school year.

The Board of Trustees has discussed these priorities and has voted to charge me, in my role as head of school, with three goals. While the details will continue to be refined, the three goals are:

  1. Management of School Operations during a Pandemic
  2. Strategic Planning for Student Assessment
  3. Strategic Planning for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

These three goals are designed to acknowledge the importance of managing day-to-day operations, to embrace the opportunity to evaluate our metrics for assessing student learning, and to ensure that the urgent work of DEI gains the necessary momentum to nurture a truly inclusive community. I look forward to working with the administrative team to develop our goals and to ensure that all individual faculty and staff members' goals are aligned with and support these priorities.

Warm regards,

Nancy Lang

Head of School

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