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Dear New School Community,

“Change is hard.” I keep hearing that statement, but I believe that is a wholly incomplete statement. I do not believe that change in and of itself is hard or easy. I believe the critical factor is trust. Change without trust is hard, but change with trust is natural, healthy, and necessary. When I arrived at TNS 18 months ago, in the wake of significant turnover, I heard a loud and clear need for stability. I was quick to say “stability does not mean status quo,” because although I never could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, I was confident we would be met with challenges that required flexibility and adaptability. As a school who deeply believes in preparing our future leaders, we must embrace a necessary degree of evolution and change. The conversation we need to have is about trust. Are we nurturing the trust that is necessary between students and teachers, between parents and teachers, between teachers and administrators, between families and the school? One thing to keep in mind as we all take our next steps forward is that trust is a two-way street. We don’t have to wait for trust. We can choose trust and build it!

As with any relationship, we are on a journey. There can be moments of frustration and disappointment mixed with moments of joy and appreciation. How we work through the challenges together and weave the disappointments and joys together creates the story and determines the strength of the trust. 

As The New School prepares to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we pause in our journey to simultaneously look backward at how far we’ve come and forward to the exciting future ahead. Read this week’s Chronicle to remind yourself of the strong history, exciting future, and stable present of The New School! Mary Sweeney’s wonderful perspective on welcoming new family members provides practical advice for growing families and can be expanded to consider our growing community. Jade House reminds us that rigorous academics require an evolving curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students and shares a snapshot of the powerful displays in our hallways. J.R. Neiswender points to the “normalcy” that exists in TNS within the adaptations we’ve made this year, highlighting academics, testing, extracurriculars, and social connections. Jack Sweeney introduces the members of our Advancement Team, an innovative evolution within our administration, and reminds us about the re-enrollment deadlines and process. Jonny Schremmer shares the behind-the-scenes preparation of our “TNS Rewind” and inspires hope in “TNS Forward!”

Thank you for trusting The New School with your child(ren). I invite you to lean into this trusting relationship by re-enrolling your child(ren) and assure you that we are committed to honoring and nurturing that trust.

Warm regards,


Head of School

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