Nancy Lang | March 15 | Cougar Chronicle

Dear New School Community,

There are a lot of things floating around social media and news outlets about where we were one year ago and where we are today. The anniversary of significant events, especially the first anniversary, can evoke a wide variety of emotions. Think back to your child’s first birthday! It can be helpful and healthy to talk through the stories and memories with family, friends, and colleagues. The theme of the month seems to be reflecting on where we’ve been, as a learning experience, and looking forward with hope and greater wisdom.

This week’s Cougar Chronicle does exactly that! Jack Sweeney shares highlights of the upcoming Spring Auction in April. Mary Sweeney shares what she has learned about courage and vulnerability. She references Dr. Brené Brown, who encourages us to have “the courage to show up,” especially when we cannot control the situation or outcome. Jade House helps us remember that the week before any vacation is typically challenging, none more so than the week before spring break. The priority this week must be about taking care of children and exercising patience and kindness in all interactions. Jade provides some great tips for navigating the coming weeks. After break, we have an exciting spring ahead! J.R. Neiswender highlights the importance of those aspects of school beyond academics. His blog reminds us of how much growth we’ve had in these areas in recent years. Coach David Ferrell reflects on the winter season and looks forward to our track and field season this spring.

As we head into the final quarter of this year, we must take advantage of something we didn’t have last year - an opportunity for a very strong finish to the year! I wish you all a restful and joy-filled spring break and look forward to working together to create that strong finish to the 2020-21 school year.

Warm Regards,


Head of School

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