Nancy Lang | May 3 | Cougar Chronicle

Dear New School Community,

Springtime in schools brings a blend of joyful year-end celebrations and exciting plans for the future. In that dynamic tension between reflection and forward thinking, we often neglect to pause and just be in the present moment. As we are nearing the end of this school year, something that was hard to envision in August, I find joy in being mindful of moments with students and teachers. Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the TNS Spring Formal with our high school students, this week I will embrace each moment of Farnahan’s Circus, and greeting students at the beginning and end of each day still energizes me! There are so many great moments in these final weeks of school. I hope you are all able to exhale and savor them, amidst the reflection and forward thinking!

We see that balance of looking back and looking ahead in his weeks’ Cougar Chronicle. Jack Sweeney reflects on the success of Spring Auction and Arts Week and looks forward to more celebrations of our 50th Anniversary. Mary Sweeney weaves the thread of creative arts through our recent Arts Week and our upcoming adapted Farnahan’s Circus. Jade House shares great insights on the purpose and value of CTP testing. J.R. Neiswender provides an inside look at the intricacies of the architecture of our master schedule. Coach David Ferrell shares news of our junior high track and field success, as well as our new coaching announcements. Incidentally, our senior high track and field team is at the state championship today after a fantastic show at the district meet, where four girls and four boys qualified for state. Jonny Schremmer reminds us of the value of both process and product, by sharing her personal experience in the collaboration to create the 2020-21 TNS Yearbook! Enjoy.

Nancy Lang

Head of School

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