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Dear New School Community,

I grew up in Massachusetts. My husband grew up in Wyoming. Both teachers at a residential school in New England, where weekends were full of coaching and dorm counseling, we spent 10 months a year completely immersed in school. Every June and every August, we piled into our truck and drove across the country. Our children grew up with long road trips as the norm. We tried to create adventure with varied routes and fun stops along the way, but there were still always approximately 5000 miles in the truck together (without electronic entertainment). Some of our fondest memories are “family read alouds” in the truck! Finding books that appealed to all five of us was easier than you might think, and we learned that reading books aloud appeals to children of all ages.

In this week’s Cougar Chronicle, both Mary Sweeney and Jade House highlight not only the importance and joys of reading to our children, but also share tips on how to make the experience more educational and enjoyable for everyone! Athletic Director, David Ferrell, shares an update on athletics at TNS, reminding us all of the important role healthy physical activity plays in our lives. With over 70% of our upper school students participating in at least one sport, many in multiple sports, athletics play a critical role in their well-rounded educational experience. Both J.R. Neiswender, in his first year at TNS, and second-year board member, Sadie Schabdach, reflect on the hard-to-describe and deeply-felt value of community within our school. J.R. reminds us of the importance of reflection and gratitude … always, but especially in this moment.

As you head into a week-long Thanksgiving break, in a year when we must avoid the large gatherings that we may typically have, I hope you will find ways to savor these moments with your family. Read together, get outside and play together, and create space for reflection and gratitude. The memories we create will sustain us and our children in ways we cannot yet predict.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nancy Lang

Head of School

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