November Cougar of the Month

Kaiyel R. is currently in the 10th grade at The New School. This year marks his fourth year attending the school. 

"Kaiyel is one of the most genuinely friendly people I have ever met. He always goes out of his way to say hello to me, even from across campus! Last week, he took time away from his lunch to introduce himself to each of my advisees. The seventh graders were impressed and now know they have someone they can look up to in the sophomore class. He embodies the community spirit of The New School and is an excellent ambassador for us throughout the greater Northwest Arkansas area." — Cailey Gray, School Counselor and Upper School Advisor

What activities are you involved in and outside of school?

I’m on the varsity basketball team, varsity track team and bowling team. I'm also in Film Appreciation Club and the Meditation and Yoga Club.

Outside of school, I like to skateboard, play basketball, watch TV and movies, binge anime, and listen to all kinds of music. I also rap a little and I'm learning to write songs. I also like to hang out with friends (quarantine edition) and help them out with homework, whether or not they go to TNS.

What is special about being a student at The New School?

The staff is very genuine and charismatic. The classes and the people are also very interesting, everyone brings something new to the table. There's never a dull moment here. The computers are new and they are cool to work on. 

Who is a teacher you admire at The New School and why?

I admire Ms. Madison Sandig because she’s nice and very selfless. I admire Mr. Jason Clark because he wants everyone to meet their potential and he’s a bit of an empath. They are both good at staying positive and genuine and they both can easily approach people. 

What do you think is unique about students at The New School?

The teachers are definitely unique and the opportunities are different. You can literally learn anything you want to here as long as you have a desire and passion to learn.

What has been your favorite class at The New School? 

I enjoy English class the most out of all my subjects. English is my most difficult class but I feel like it brings the curiosity out of me. Having to write essays can be very irritating or stressful but I learn more about people and the world around me in that class. It shows me how to build character or the different philosophies that people may see.

Which of our school values are most important to you?

I think I connect with the character the most because everyone is different. I like creating a genuine moment more than anything, and to have a genuine moment you need to witness someone’s character. I feel like character breeds the other school values.

The New School Cougar of the Month features one student each month, nominated by their teacher, who positively reflects the school's mission, vision and values. 

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