October Cougar of the Month

Maggie is currently in the 8th grade at The New School. This year marks her third year attending the school. 

"Maggie is just an exceptional person, besides being a good student. She is mature beyond her years yet retains an absolutely radiant, childlike sense of fun. She has dealt with difficulties, setbacks, and loss – all with tremendous grace, hope, and aplomb. She is an impeccable student, and she often goes beyond what's required to deliver something brimming with creativity and personality. She's also a top-notch student-athlete." — Jason Clark, Upper School teacher

What activities are you involved in and outside of school?

I play on the JH girls volleyball team and the JH girls basketball team. I'm also currently taking golf lessons after school.

What is special about being a student at The New School?

My favorites things about TNS are the caring and helpful teachers, the large variety of classes and extracurricular activities, and how well the school is preparing me for high school and college. 

Who is a teacher you admire at The New School and why?

I admire all of my teachers because they have each helped me in so many different ways, it is really hard to choose only one! My teachers go above and beyond to help me every day. I truly appreciate the hard work they have put in. 

What do you think is unique about students at The New School?

I think it's unique that all of the students at TNS are different, and with our differences, we have a unity that I have not felt at other schools.

What has been your favorite class at The New School? 

One of my favorite classes at TNS is English with Mr. Jason Clark. English is not my strong suit so this class brings a lot of challenges for me. Through these challenges, I have grown in my writing.  However, one of my favorite things about the English class is the community and fun environment. I am very thankful for everything I have learned in this class and for how much it has helped me.

Which of our school values are most important to you?

I think the school values I connect with the most are Character and Community. Like most of my friends at TNS, I want to excel at academics and also in my extracurricular activities. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know different students and teachers because I find each individual's perspective interesting. 

The New School Cougar of the Month features one student each month, nominated by their teacher, who positively reflects the school's mission, vision and values. 


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