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Dear New School Families,

Like many parents of my generation, I first encountered The New School via a Google search. For those of you who are also NWA transplants, you may share a similar story. For my husband Matthew and I, it was February 2017, and he was being recruited for a position in Marketing at Walmart. Neither of us had ever stepped foot in Arkansas nor did we know anyone locally. Despite our lack of familiarity with the area, we were committed to finding the absolute best school for our then 3-year-old Evelyn, and 1 year old Asher. So, we did what parents of our generation do for advice; we Googled it.

Happily, our dreams of finding a school that checked all of our boxes sat at the top of the returned search results. Award-winning, independent preK-12, STEAM focused, outdoor classrooms, emphasis in foreign language, music, art, and 27-acre campus to boot! We were instantly thrilled. Finding a school where I could imagine our family belonging helped me to begin thinking seriously about a life outside the big cities that we had called home for the last 15 years – San Francisco, New York City and Chicago.

The New School has consistently exceeded my expectations every day since we enrolled. From the exuberant joy in my kids’ eyes when they rounded the ECE corner, to the delightful warm welcome we received from Mr. Troy’s echoing bellows, to Ms. Jade’s big smiles, and to Nancy’s calm, expert leadership. Having spent the first 15 years of my life at a 150-year-old independent school at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve always had high expectations for my children’s school community. For me, school is not only a place for my kids to learn and grow, it needs to be a place where our entire family can create friendships and engage in fostering a strong community. 

I am proud to be part of our community as a member of the Board of Trustees. I believe in the mission of The New School and I believe in Nancy’s leadership. Although work has once again moved my family to yet another new city, I am honored to continue to serve in my second year as the Board’s Advancement Committee Chair. 

While Evelyn and Asher are no longer enrolled at The New School, I am as committed as ever in advocating for the future of TNS through our fundraising and development efforts. I hope that you will join me, our entire Board, Faculty, Administration and Staff in giving to the Annual Fund this year. Now, more than ever, The New School needs the support of every family and every friend to ensure we’re able to continue to deliver against our mission and to thrive as a community. Please join me in supporting TNS.

I love The New School!!


Sadie Schabdach 

Board Trustee, Advancement Committee Chair           

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