Strategic Plan

Our Mission: The New School community empowers each student through a well-rounded experience and inspires a love of lifelong learning.

Our Vision: Our students will be confident and engaged learners who lead through collaboration and compassion.

Our Core Values:







Goal #1: Curriculum: The New School will have the most innovative Preschool-12th grade curriculum in order to prepare our students for college and for careers which may not exist today.

    • Objective #1- Evaluate academic, extracurricular, and service programs to determine what is working well, what needs to be improved, and what, if any, should be removed or revised.
    • Objective #2 - Develop global perspectives that will support students to maintain our core values.
    • Objective #3 - Support a student-centered, individualized approach to The New School experience.

Goal #2 - Personnel: The New School will be the employer of choice by recruiting, training and retaining the best and brightest educators in Preschool-12th grade education.

    • Objective #1 - Retain our dedicated faculty and staff who embody and uphold the mission of the school.
    • Objective #2 - Recruit self-motivated faculty and staff who embody the mission and values of the school, embrace the school’s educational philosophy, and will thrive in our student-centered environment.
    • Objective #3 - Develop and expand our professional development program to continue supporting transformational teaching and learning.

Goal #3 - Financial Sustainability: The New School will have a financial sustainability plan to support the bold vision for its growth and future.

    • Objective #1 - Manage a strategic long-range financial plan and multi-year financial model in order to ensure both short-term and long-term goals and objectives of the school are accomplished.
    • Objective #2 - Utilize best practice metrics for the Business Office in order to measure performance and benchmark the school against the best independent schools nationwide.
    • Objective #3 - Grow resources with purpose by expanding auxiliary income streams.
    • Objective #4 - Evaluate and improve the school’s organization infrastructure and policies to ensure consistency in administration.

Goal #4 - Community: Position The New School as the school of the community.

    • Objective #1: Continue to promote a socio-economic diverse student body at The New School.
    • Objective #2: Increase engagement and influence in the NWA community through partnerships and service work.

Goal #5 - Enrollment: The New School will be known throughout the Northwest Arkansas region as the school of choice for students age 1 year old - 12th grade.

    • Objective #1: Create and implement a targeted and robust communications and marketing program in order to improve community perception and increase enrollment.
    • Objective #2: Refresh and update the school’s brand to better reflect the school’s message and strategic approach.
    • Objective #3: Empower The New School community (parents, faculty) to be brand ambassadors and thought leaders to help promote and share the school’s story.

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