Welcome from the Head of Preschool

Welcome to The New School Preschool! Early experiences have a tremendous effect on a child’s development and learning. At The New School, we understand that children are always seeking to understand the world around them and they learn in a variety of ways. Our Early Childhood Program is designed to build strong developmental foundations while inspiring a love of lifelong learning in our youngest students.

The New School Preschool focuses on teaching methods that respect the developmental stages of children. Our curriculum is based on science and research in early childhood development and addresses social/emotional, cognitive, physical/health, and language development as well as the main curriculum areas. All aspects of development and learning are intertwined through whole and small group times, carefully planned centers, and plenty of outdoor time.

Highly-trained early childhood educators facilitate and support curriculum goals while continuously assessing students to ensure that developmental milestones are being met.

At The New School, we believe that every part of your child's day is a learning opportunity! Our passionate, innovative, and caring teachers engage children in exciting language arts, math, science, visual arts, music, movement, and play experiences which take place in carefully planned classroom learning centers, outdoor classrooms, and the Karen Beaton Art and Play Studio. The New School Preschool has a long tradition of providing open-ended materials that encourage exploration and discovery with the support and guidance of our knowledgeable faculty.

Learning happens while your child is,

  • following carefully planned routines
  • engaging in small instructional groups,
  • participating in whole group activities
  • playing in developmentally appropriate classroom learning centers, studios, gyms, and outdoor areas
  • Interacting with teachers, friends, and the environment

Each day, children have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor experiences. Our beautiful, secure campus includes a toddler playground, two preschool playgrounds, two outdoor classrooms, nature walks and gardens. There are endless opportunities for your child to run, jump, throw, dig, explore, discover, and investigate while playing with classmates or individually.

The New School Preschool is truly a magical place where the enthusiasm and curiosity of your child is encouraged and supported. Please call us to schedule a tour and see our Early Childhood Program in action.


Melissa Campbell

Head of Preschool