7-8 Academic Overview

Our program, designed by the faculty and administration, is designed to be academically stimulating, engaging, and unique. Our focus is to create a personalized and innovative learning experience for each student. The courses offered in our 7th and 8th grades build upon the strong academic foundation that students receive in grades K through 6th. See the full catalog here.

8th Grade Students will take:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Entrepreneurship (1 Semester)
  • Physical Education (1 Semester- if not in Athletics)
  • 2 Electives

7th Grade Students will take:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish (1 Semester)
  • Physical Education (1 Semester- if not in Athletics)
  • 2 Electives

Language Arts

Language Arts (7)

Seventh Grade Language Arts will teach students how to interact with, interpret, discuss, and write about various types of texts. Analysis, Critical Thinking, Argumentation, and Writing Skills will be emphasized. Students will look at traditional texts such as novels and short stories, but they will also look at other forms of media such as television, movies, graphic novels, blogs, etc. Students will study the various types of texts in isolation and together. They will look at how the various types of texts tackle similar and/or the same material differently and analyze why these choices were made and/or were necessary. They will also look at how modern interpretations of older material in the same or different types of media alter the original text and why. Students will also produce their own versions of the various texts. Grammar will be studied in the context of writing.

Language Arts (8)

Eighth Grade Language Arts will build upon the Analytical, Critical Thinking, and Writing Skills developed in seventh grade. Students will continue to interact with and produce various types of texts; however, more emphasis will be placed upon non-fiction pieces and the historical/cultural context of texts. Fictional texts will be discussed with reference to non-fiction texts covering the same material/time period, and both fiction and non-fiction will be discussed and analyzed in their historical and cultural contexts. Readings will include several socially significant pieces and the texts that formed their ideological underpinnings. Students will also analyze texts for objectivity, looking for bias, agendas, etc.


7th Grade Math- Accelerated

Seventh Grade Math-Accelerated will cover algebraic expressions, solving equations & inequalities with integers, fractions, decimals, proportions, percents, linear functions & graphing, geometry concepts, data analysis, probability, problem solving, computation & estimation, patterns with functions, and measurement. Appropriate technology and manipulatives will be used for instruction and assessment.

Pre-Algebra (7-8)

Pre-Algebra will build the foundation necessary for the students to succeed in algebra. Students will learn the following: simplifying expressions, solving multi-step equations with distribution, operations with rational numbers & exponents, solving & graphing inequalities, writing & graphing linear function rules, percents & proportions, volume & surface area of compound solids, and probability. Appropriate technology and manipulatives will be used for instruction and assessment.

Algebra (7-8)

Prerequisites: Pre-Algebra

Algebra will help students develop proficiency by strengthening problem solving skills with real-world application, teaching how to analyze linear - exponential - quadratic functions, demonstrating how to write & solve equations & inequalities & their systems, and showing how to use graphical methods for analysis. Students will also be expected to understand the process of collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data. Appropriate technology and manipulatives will be used for instruction and assessment.


Prerequisites: Algebra

Geometry will provide students with a foundation in writing proofs and deductive reasoning. Students will learn how to use postulates, axioms, properties, proportional reasoning, theorems, and many other geometric attributes to develop their understanding of Geometry. Students will also strengthen their understanding of algebraic skills through the application of trigonometry and coordinate geometry.


7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science will incorporate 3 fields of study: Life, Physical, and Earth Science. Students will learn basic chemistry and physics as well as review Earth and space science. Students will spend time working on laboratory activities to apply the principles they have studied and learn more about the world around them. Being able to apply what is learned to everyday life is the prime objective of this course. The major areas of study will include: force, work, moving objects, the Periodic Table, patterns within different elements, chemical reactions, waves, light, sound, heat energy, electricity, and Earth Science Concepts. There will be an emphasis on scientific problem solving and higher level thinking skills.

8th Grade Science

8th Grade Science will focus on a more intensive exploration of Earth, Physical, and Life Science. Students will extend their understanding of science processing skills such as graphing, classifying, and experimentation with a heavy emphasis on application, organization, and critical thinking skills. General units of study in life science will include cell organization and an extensive exploration of plant and human body systems. While studying Earth science, students will enjoy a rigorous look at weather and climate. Physical science units will include basic chemistry and investigating Newton’s Laws.

Social Studies

7th Grade World History: Ancient

Seventh Grade World History will focus on ancient history from the time of the early hominids through the Middle Ages. Students will learn about the geography of the areas they study, analyze the effectiveness of leaders, and look at how early innovations continue to affect our world today. Students will work on reading informational texts with different purposes. They will analyze original documents and identify bias in word choice and in content.

8th Grade World History: 20th Century

Eighth Grade World History will focus on the 20th century. Students will briefly learn about the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, the Age of Exploration, and the Age of Independence before delving into the 20th century. Students will learn about WWI, the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Civil War, WWII, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. Students will analyze primary sources, identify authorial intent, and construct responses to questions in world history. Lessons will focus on learning more than just what happened in history, but why it happened and why it is important in understanding the world we live in.