Our students are encouraged to explore and inquire in an environment enriched with opportunities in the arts and sciences while being challenged in academics. Our rich extended day program and summer camps provide opportunities for students to discover and develop their passions while building community among peers.

Students in Junior High have the opportunity to take a number of Electives each year. Our goal is for students to be able to participate in those classes that most interest them. To that end, when students register for classes, they will be asked to prioritize their choices. We will then use that information and work to ensure that students have as close to their ideal schedule as possible. Please note that scheduling and the selection of certain Electives will limit some choices.

Guidelines for Electives:

While students will take Electives each year, state and accreditation standards and TNS graduation requirements mandate certain classes will take up some elective slots.

The state of Arkansas requires all students to take at least one online course before graduation. Students are expected to complete their Health course online to meet both requirements at once.