The New School's Upper School spans 7th - 12th grade, with the first graduating class in 2020. Small, seminar-style classes take place in modular classrooms, where the curriculum is college-preparatory, but also life-preparatory. Students attend a minimum 5 course academic load, with stimulating courses taught by discipline specific teachers with co-curricular opportunities.

The academic program is hands-on and experiential, exemplified by our field experiences around the country and our STEAM-focused Innovation Center, which houses 3-D printers, a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, and a full woodworking/metal-working lab. Our innovative Flex periods are designed to allow students to pursue their passions, from the science behind making tea, to the process required to design a board game, to data analysis utilizing neural networks. Students work from laptops, occasionally shifting to iPads, and with a fully wireless campus, our classes can go wherever the learning takes them.

TNS 2021- 2022 School profile


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Marleigh Hayes, Class of 2021

Marleigh has been a part of The New School family for a total of ten years.

“What makes TNS unique to me is the community,” Marleigh said. “In no other school would I be able to see my brother in the hall, be friends with junior high students, and be buddies with elementary students. It is a really meaningful experience to know the other students are looking up to you and being able to be apart of some of their favorite memories. "

"TNS has prepared me for life after graduation by teaching me how to have good relationships with teachers, instilling a love of learning in me, helping me learn to navigate close relationships with respect, and the importance of community in my life."

Typical Schedules for Grades 7-12