2022-2023 Tuition Schedule


Early Childhood — 3 Days $12,560 $12,000 $12,000
Early Childhood — 5 Days $15,400 $14,400 $14,400
Kindergarten $16,160 $15,400 $15,400
Grades 1 — 4 $16,675 $15,400 $15,400
Grades 5 — 6 $17,675 $15,400 $15,400
Grades 7 — 8 $18,700 $15,400 $15,400
Grades 9 — 12 $19,200 $15,400 $15,400


Hello, TNS Community.

I am writing with exciting news about the 2022-23 school year. Two years ago, in response to community feedback, the Board of Trustees and Administrative Team decided to hold our tuition increase to 1%. One year ago, the Board of Trustees and Administrative Team made the bold decision to reset tuition as part of our intentional commitment to inclusion at TNS. Along with the reset, which effectively reduced tuition at all levels of the school, we aligned K-12 tuition rates, creating a smooth, consistent, and predictable path for families all the way through The New School. 

While most schools are increasing tuition, I am thrilled to announce that the Board of Trustees has voted to FREEZE tuition at The New School for the 2022-23 school year! We have made this bold, innovative decision, because:

We Believe tuition at TNS should be affordable

We are Focused on our TNS community

We are Determined to make TNS accessible to all families of Northwest Arkansas

We know these are challenging times for many in our community, and we stand with you. In addition to our tuition FREEZE, we will continue to provide a generous financial assistance program and academic scholarships. In order to appropriately compensate our teachers and continue providing top-quality education, we will continue to rely on philanthropy. We are grateful to the many families who acknowledged the tuition reset this year with an increased annual fund donation, and we hope that those families who are able to increase their giving next year will do so. We’ve experienced tremendous generosity in our community and are confident that this one-year tuition FREEZE is the right thing for our community at this moment.

We remain committed to creating as transparent and predictable a path through TNS as possible. Going beyond 2022-23, you should anticipate normal annual cost-of-living increases, of 3-4%, in order to provide competitive compensation for our team and acknowledge our increasing costs. We will maintain aligned rates within ECE and within K-12, which we hope also helps with your planning.

The New School is thriving, with a current enrollment of 415 students. We have welcomed 142 new students this year and continue to see inquiries, tours, and applications increasing. Enrollment Agreements will be ready by January 14, 2022, with a deadline of February 7, 2022. Space is limited in most grades, so be sure to meet the deadline to secure your spot for next year!

The New School was founded in 1971 with the vision of creating a school environment where young children are valued, encouraged, and inspired. Over fifty years later, our compassionate and talented educators continue to instill our mission to provide a well-rounded experience and inspire a love of lifelong learning in students from the age of one-year-old through twelfth grade. You are the experts on your children; we are the experts on education. Together that partnership is powerful!

In Continued Partnership and Hope,

Nancy M. Lang

Head of School


Last year, we RESET tuition. Learn more about that here.