You are the experts on your children; we are the experts on education.


We reset tuition, so you can rethink your possibilities.

The New School, founded in 1971 on the idea of creating a school environment where your children are encouraged and inspired. Fifty years later, you can be part of our student body which now includes a full early childhood through K-12 program. Come see for yourself how our campus has grown, our facilities have improved, and our mission, vision and values have developed to reflect the full aspirations of our school program to bring your child the best private education possible. 

Over the years, we have seen the benefits of growth and overcome challenges not that unique from those of independent schools across the country. While at this time many schools are increasing the cost of tuition, The New School has boldly chosen to reset the cost of our tuition. We recognize that the cost of tuition may deter families from considering The New School. We are committed to giving all families the opportunity to explore the potential of an independent school like ours.


2021-2022 Tuition Schedule


Early Childhood — 3 Days $12,560 $12,000
Early Childhood — 5 Days $15,400 $14,400
Kindergarten $16,160 $15,400
Grades 1 — 4 $16,675 $15,400
Grades 5 — 6 $17,675 $15,400
Grades 7 — 8 $18,700 $15,400
Grades 9 — 12 $19,200 $15,400


Are you ready to rethink your possibilities?

The New School provides students ages one through grade 12 in Northwest Arkansas with a student-centered, innovative education supported by state of the art facilities and leading educators. 



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Financial Assistance Available

More than 17% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance.

An education from The New School is an investment in your child’s future. Providing an independent school education requires careful planning and commitment, however, the need for tuition assistance should never discourage a family from applying for admission. The New School wishes to attract a culturally and economically diverse student population offers financial assistance for students entering kindergarten through grade twelve.

The Board of Trustees has budgeted to increase opportunities for even more families. Our admissions team works alongside The New School's Head of School to provide our excellent educational opportunities to all students regardless of the financial resources 
of their families.

The need for financial assistance should never discourage a family from applying to The New School. 

Please contact Contact the Admission Office to apply for financial aid or visit our Admission page for more information.

Are you ready to rethink your possibilities?

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