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"Seussical" auditions are complete and the cast list has been posted and can be viewed on the drama call board in the hallway between the dance studio and front desk. Drama I upper school students Winnie Brekelbaum, Emma Caviness, Faith Caviness, Mackenzie Donovan, Zach Gust, Julianna Reynolds & Olive Zweig have begun designing the show with help from teachers Ms. Sam and Ms. Jonny. Their set model can be seen in the dressing rooms, and their costume renderings are on display on the drama bulletin boards. 

Seussical Cast List 






On January 24th, our K-8 students were treated to a beautiful concert by pianist Andrew Tyson, who was in town to perform with SONA at the Walton Arts Center. Mr. Tyson played and also answered many, many questions from the very excited audience!