Here at The New School, we have a rich tradition in the arts. Education at The New School has always been about allowing children to creatively express themselves through drama, music, art, and dance, and I am excited to focus my time and energy on our very special, ever-growing arts program.

From our Early Childhood students singing down the hallway with Mr. Troy to our Upper School students learning graphic design with Ms. Aaron, we have something for everyone. All through the day young musicians can be heard singing and playing instruments in Ms. Ashley's classroom, and after school our middle and upper students practice Rock Band with Mr. Austin and Mr. Jacob in the Arts Annex. 

Children fill the Early Childhood studio with their amazing works of art with help from Ms. Christina and Ms. Natalie, while our Lower and Middle School artists paint, draw and create with Ms. Katie Parker and Ms. Katie Terry. Students beginning in Pre-Kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade spend time rehearsing plays on the stage with Ms. Sam and Ms. Jonny. 

Josie & Yanni are our new after-school dance program teachers offering ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance and creative movement in the dance studio. TNS offers piano, guitar, voice, violin and drumming private music lessons with end of year recitals in April. Our teachers also offer after-school arts programs including Choir, Outdoor Art-Ventures, Art Studio, Rhythm Band Percussion Ensemble, Art with Christina, Drum Ensemble, Drama Club and Afternoon Jam!

The Arts are alive and well at The New School, and we invite you to be our audience!

Jonny Schremmer

Arts Director

Music Lessons

The Impact of Arts at The New School