Music at The New School


Early Childhood Music 

Music is a vital part of every day in Early Childhood Education. Songs, chants, nursery rhymes and finger-play are all an integral part of each child's day.  Our ECE teachers utilize different expressions of music to grab and focus a child's attention, reinforce new ideas and help guide children as they transition from one activity to another all while helping develop muscle control and language skills and phonic awareness. 

Mr. Troy is our ECE music and movement teacher, and he goes from room to room as a traveling troubadour playing his guitar and singing with each class every day.  All of our preschool children get to play with music and language as they listen and dance and sing to a wide variety of songs and story books. It's a fun way for our teachers to play with our children as they are developing their ability to use their voices and bodies in expressing their own ideas and feelings.  

Music and Movement Time is a daily opportunity to nurture our students' capacity to perceive, create and communicate musical forms. Which is just a fancy way of saying, "We make sure our kids get to sing songs and play games with each other every day." 

Lower School Music 

In music class, students are exposed to many genres of music. They are free to create and share their ideas while discovering how much is connected to the world around us. Students at each grade level work collaboratively to arrange, perform and even compose original pieces. Our Morning Jam performance group (grades 3-6) meets daily between 8:00-8:25 to allow extra time for creativity and practice.


Middle School Music 

The middle school music program provides 5th and 6th grade students an opportunity to begin developing their own musical ideas and express their own creativity through various musical experiences. Middle school music class grows and refines the music skills that students develop in lower school music and introduces and reinforces foundational music skills such as composition, notation, ear training, improvisation, and performance. Middle school music is intended to help and encourage students to not only increase their skill in and understanding of music, but also to connect music with their own lives.

Upper School Music 

The upper school music program cultivates a sense of belonging, musical foundation, music appreciation, and creativity. The program provides unique and experiential learning opportunities through practice, performance, observation, and hands on activity. These experiences serve to inspire confidence, positive self image, and character building opportunities for students. The goal of the upper school music program reaches beyond just developing students into advanced musicians. The true mark of success is to impact students with a deep and meaningful connection to music that stays with them beyond their time at The New School.