Visual Arts

Early Childhood Art with Christina Mariotti

Christina is a beloved artist in the Fayetteville community and has worked at The New School for 13 years.

Here are her words:

“I am located in the large and beautiful, high ceiling room called the Studio in the Early Childhood area. There are so many things to do in our space, but one of our favorite things is making art and talking about other artist’s techniques. The space is very accommodating and allows us to paint in large scale using different size brushes and different size paper. Three dimensional items that we construct are put together with tape  cardboard and Styrofoam pieces and then sometimes that will be painted on. The concept of what can be painted on is endless and gives the children a sense of freedom".

Lower School Art with Katie Parker

In our lower school art classes, students will learn about various artists throughout the year, as well as sensory and skill-based projects. The artist studies correlate with age-appropriate skills, and various projects connect with what the students are learning in their other content areas.

We have an annual Art Show every spring where student work is highlighted and displayed throughout the school.

Middle School Art 

Middle School Art will guide students in an exploration a variety of media as they continue to build their skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Elements of art and principles of design are used not only to make, but also to understand, art. Students will exercise critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a studio environment as well as during field experiences out of school (visiting museums, etc.). They will get out and about, creating and experiencing art! 

Upper School Art with Aaron Giles

Our Upper school art classes are busy this semester! We will be working on a variety of projects using mixed media in our Visual Arts class from printmaking to 3D sculptures. On that note, we have added a 3D Design class this year. Currently, students in 3D Design are having fun creating magical creatures using wire and polymer clay! The Graphic Design I students are learning the basics of Illustrator in preparation for their Album art poster.

Below are brief descriptions of the goals for the Upper School art classes.