Cougar Speed and Strength

The foundation of any competitive sports program begins in the weight room, where character, hard work, and commitment are cultivated. The cultivation of these characteristics transfer to the court, field, track, or any other competitive athletic venue. Cougar Speed and Strength looks to prepare our student-athletes for sports, the classroom, and life.

Our program will be based off a movement based approach where we teach our athletes how to move as efficiently as possible. Efficient movement will lead to strength gains and most importantly, the prevention of injuries. The safety of the athlete is of the upmost important; therefore, Cougar Speed and Strength will help to individually develop each athlete based on their specific needs. The speed and strength program will teach all aspects of performance such as: proper warm ups, mobility exercises, proper lifting technique, recovery, and nutrition.

The mission of Cougar Speed and Strength is much more than to develop only athletes. One of our main goals is to show our student-athletes that through hard work they can reach their maximum potential in any endeavor they choose in life. By being in our program we can impact each individual’s physical and mental prowess. Although each individual is vital to the success of our program, I look forward to creating an encouraging, competitive, and team atmosphere where the team’s success comes before the individual. I hope for your commitment to the development of this vital part of the Cougar athletic program. I am excited to begin this journey!

Cougar Pride!

Monty Matthews
Strength and Conditioning Coach