Can my student play a sport and participate in another activity at the school?

Regarding multiple activity participation, student-athletes may participate in a non-athletic department (i.e. fine arts, music, etc.) program and on an athletic team at the same time if leadership from both activities give permission to do so. Leadership from both activities will work closely together to minimize conflicts.

Can my student play in multiple sports?

Regarding multiple sport participation, student-athletes may participate in multiple team sports at the same time. Student-athletes can also participate in a lifetime sport (cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, track, cheerleading) and a team sport at the same time if agreed upon by coaches of both sports. Good, open communication between the student-athlete, his/her parents, and the two coaches involved are tantamount and a priority will be declared in case of scheduling conflicts and agreed upon by the coaches.

Can my child receive tuition assistance even if they participate in sports?

Yes, as long as your tuition assistance recommendation from FAST indicates that you have a demonstrated financial need. Per Arkansas Activities Association rules and regulations, a student who does not qualify for need-based financial aid based on his/her FA application, will not be allowed to receive tuition assistance to play in any school sport or activity.

Why do some sports have more coaches than others?

Many of our coaches are volunteers or coaches that are paid only a stipend. There are two types of coaches at The New School:

School Paid Coaches –These are coaches that are paid directly by the school. The number of paid coaches for each sport is established by contract or a stipend.

Volunteer Coaches –These are coaches that volunteer their time to the sport and do not receive any monetary compensation.

Compensation and designation of type of coach as well as the number of coaches per sport is determined by the Athletic Director and approved by the Head of School. Athletic fees and restricted fundraising dollars subsidize coaching stipends.

What is a club sport vs an athletic sport?

A club sport is a sport that is not sanctioned by the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA), but is still offered by our school. Club sport offerings are not financially supported through the school budget, but rather through separate fees paid by participating families. Examples of club sports are: Mountain Biking, Fencing, etc.