Mrs. Johnelle Hunt

"Our family has had first-hand involvement with this Northwest Arkansas educational blessing,” said Mrs. Johnelle Hunt. “We've had grandchildren enrolled in the New School for almost 29 years and it's been so beneficial to their education and development. I'm thrilled to be part of giving back and paying it forward so that same opportunity can be available for many others in the future.”

Mr and Mrs. Todd & Shelley Simmons

“Not only do we believe this is the right thing to do for our kids, but it is also the right thing for The New School's future and our community,” said Todd and Shelley Simmons. “To have a viable and thriving middle and elementary school, we have to have an upper school that can help financially sustain what has been built over the last 40 plus years. The timing of the recognitions we have received recently — voted number one in the region for the best middle school and number one in the nation for best elementary school — and the current window of opportunity in creating a differentiated private high school offering, is a major component of our willingness to support this effort.”

Thank You:

Mark & Diane Simmons
JB & Rachel Blankenship
Michael & Holly Chaney
Peter & Mary Frances Daut
Sarah Clark
Suguna Madaiah & Madhu Kalyan
Edward & Jennifer Prewitt
Larry & Mary Douglas
Schmieding Foundation - Rick Sharpe
Procter & Gamble
Bob Kohler & Laura Goodwin
Monika & Chad Hatfield
Aaron & Renee Mercer
Nate & Rachel Marler
Susan Celentano & Michael Sevart
Adrienne Wagner
Michael & Abbey Francis
Girl Scout Troop 5080