At The New School we strive to promote a sense of community that helps each child and family feel connected and valued. During this difficult time, we want to support our community and be a resource, sharing information and providing opportunities for social connection while maintaining physical distance. 
This Community page features virtual and on-site volunteer opportunities, resources, and helpful tips from families for managing these unprecedented times. Fill out the form below to submit your need request, volunteer opportunity, and other useful information. Check back often to find ways to connect with our community. 

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We are all in this together! Use the form below to notify the TNS community of a need, volunteer opportunities, information sharing, helpful resources, and more!

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Ms. Catherine is amazing! I can tell that she genuinely cares about her students by how my daughter Catherine beams with excitement when she tells me about her school day, Ms. Catherine, and Ms. Catherine’s cat Scout. Thank you so much! — Sonia Rye

We are really enjoying the daily "Mindful Moments" from Ms. Cailey! Her video about being silly had all of us laughing together. — Jennifer Holland

Ms. Laura deserves a Cougar Callout because she looked through 101 pages of chapter books on the Scholastic website and came up with an excellent list of recommendations for third grade students! We are so appreciative to her for taking the time to do that and to give her input on books that will be great for our kids. Plus, it gave us great direction on where to spend our Book Fair money! — Jennifer Holland

My shoutout goes to ms madison because she is handling this sooo well and is constantly making sure we are all understanding all the concepts that we are going over in our pre-algebra class!!

— Caylie Apperson

As far as Fiona was concerned, we were outside playing in the backyard like we always do and suddenly we began to hear a guitar coming from the front yard and Troy's voice. Fiona lit up and ran to the fence clapping and singing "Mr. Troy! Mr. Troy!" He sang to her for about 15 minutes. I could hear some of the neighbors cheering for him from another fenced in house.

Fiona was so excited. We love Troy so much; he is such a treasure.

Mr. Jason Mitchell is staying really connected with all of his advisees, and in science class he keeps mixing it up and keeping it interesting for all of us! — Middle School student

We have a wall in our house of each person's daily schedule and to-do list we've had before COVID-19. This giant to-do list keeps us on track without having to constantly refer back to the computer. 

TIP FOR PARENTS RUNNING TO ENTERTAIN YOUR TODDLERS... We love sensory play in our house! Find some plastic tubs around the house and you have endless possibilities.

Today, we used sugar and a kool-aid packet for color. I buried my 3-year-olds tiny trucks & now he's using his bigger construction trucks to rescue them...