Strategic Priorities

Developing Leaders for our Changing World
with our
Unique Approach to Academic Excellence through Whole-Person Education

Strategic Priorities

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  • Redefining Whole-Person Education and Academic Excellence

    From ECE through 12th grade, each student is at the center of our unique approach to academic excellence, which begins with cultivating a culture of belonging and a prioritizing holistic wellness, where student agency and voice are valued, and academic excellence is achieved through appropriate challenge and relevant, engaging learning experiences.
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  • Transformative Education Beyond College Admission

    An innovative curriculum - spanning ECE-12 - that integrates community opportunities and resources with the development of future-focused skills and dispositions, providing more than a path to college and career, by preparing students for a successful path through college, career, and life.
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  • Outstanding Faculty & Staff

    An outstanding, highly-trained faculty and staff wholly comprised of diverse, talented, mission-aligned individuals, who feel fulfilled and are supported in their work of creating and curating well-rounded educational experiences for our students.
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  • Expand Accessibility of The New School (TNS) Education

    Broaden our reach and embrace healthy growth - that is right-sized and right-timed, and maintains our high standards and our values - to make TNS more inclusive and available to more students in NWA.
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  • Financial Sustainability

    Strengthen revenue streams to ensure that we have the resources to attract, hire, & retain the best educators and to deliver on our unique educational approach today, tomorrow, and into the future.
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