Welcome to the New School!

Vibrant and full of energy! That is what you will feel on our campus. You will experience students involved in the tinkering lab at the younger grades and the innovation center for our older students. The buildings are fresh and open. The teachers are invested in the progress of their students.

With a mixture of local and corporate-transplant families, the school community is particularly welcoming and well-positioned to absorb new students and adults. The Parents Association has Ambassadors for the new families and enthusiastically orients newcomers. This combination of Southern and practiced entry make the first days so much easier than at many schools for both young and older.

Northwest Arkansas offers a unique experience of multicultural diversity that is reflected in The New School's populations. With families from 34 countries, the school has an international dimension which is unexpected yet refreshing. The Fayetteville community boasts a university climate and an intellectual zealousness. Culture and whimsy go hand-in-hand with the youthful atmosphere of the architecturally charming surroundings of the town.

The curriculum and the extra-curricular offerings are rich and innovative. You will be treated as an individual and appreciated for your personal talents at The New School.

Please, come visit!

Dr. Susan R. Groesbeck
Head of School, Interim