Middle School

The Middle School program, focuses on the social-emotional and academic growth unique to Middle School-age students. Our Middle School teachers are content-area specialists, supporting our students as they delve deeper into the multiple subjects, even as they maintain the supportive environment of a homeroom and a grade-level team. Student growth and self-reflection is strengthened by our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons. Our students emerge from the Middle School program with a clearer picture of their strengths and challenges and the strategies, both academic and personal, for students to employ for life success.

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  • Language Arts

    Language arts in 5th and 6th grades provides students with a continued exploration of reading, an in-depth look at word study, and strong emphasis on developing writing. Novel studies are often chosen by student interest and vary from year to year. The instruction for reading and word study is focused on critical thinking and comprehension. Students learn, create, and explore different writing styles through the use of technology. Writing is taught as a process, building upon the basic skills learned in Lower School. Students have the opportunity to compare and contrast texts with music, film, and other books, making learning relevant.
  • Math

    The New School implements a spiraling curriculum in mathematics so that our students have continued practice on concepts learned while new concepts are introduced. A level of basic math facts mastery is expected so that students may use their mental energy to focus on independent and higher level problem solving. Just like our Lower School, we continue to move students at a pace that challenges them, but also allows them to master concepts successfully, which prepares them for their upcoming higher level math courses.
  • Science

    Middle School students have the opportunity to experience science that is hands-on and promotes critical thinking and creative problem solving. The use of technology enhances the ability to collect data and research. Students will have more frequent access to lab equipment and have a greater responsibility for safety and equipment use. Students are regularly assigned lab work in groups and are introduced to lab reports. They learn to acquire data in the lab and insert the information into different graphs to be easily understood and analyzed.
  • Social Studies

    Social studies in Middle School covers the time period from the American Revolution to the present time. Students invest time in an in-depth study of geography and sharpening their map skills. They learn through multi-media experiences such as podcasts, reader’s theater, games, and projects that bring historical events to life. Students spend time relating issues of the past to those we experience in modern times through discussion, projects, and technology.
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