STEAM Education

At The New School, we believe in teaching new century skills through instruction in STEAM. Many schools are able to offer education in Science and Mathematics, but we excel in our offerings both in Technology and Art.

In Early Childhood Education, STEAM looks a little different than it does for older children. Primarily, it emphasizes the difference between academic learning, what can be memorized and repeated, and intellectual learning, the ability to reason and problem solve. In our program, STEAM represents itself in our focus on questioning and using what we have in front of us to explore complex ideas.

There is a large emphasis on arts in education at The New School. All students, Preschool through Middle School, attend art class and it is threaded throughout all of our curriculum to enhance the student's education.

We are also proud to have gone 1:1 in 1st grade and above. Our students in 1st through 3rd grades each have an iPad to use that they can take with them to all of their classes. In 4th and 5th grades, students utilize Chromebooks, and in 6th grade and above, each student is assigned a MacBook Air, which is an essential part of most of their academic pursuits.

Technology in the Classroom

We believe that it is our responsibility to educate our students to be good digital citizens, through the effective and appropriate use of technology. Our Computer Science curriculum is designed to prepare students for the ever-increasing demands of technology, to be not just consumers of content, but creators as well. The New School Technology Team is also committed to the integration of technology resources in every subject area, and a series of carefully designed cross-curriculum projects between Computer Science and core classes.

In order for technology use to be focused and aligned with the school’s mission and vision, a Technology Plan must be developed. This plan outlines the strengths and weaknesses of our technology programs and clearly sets defined goals for the future. It is split into two main sections, School Profile and Technology Plan, and contains an attached appendix. The School Profile contains an overview of The New School and its Mission and Vision. The Technology Plan contains job descriptions of the Technology Team, equitable use of technology across campus, an overview of our K-7 Computer Science Curriculum, technology focused Professional Development, and a status of past goals and new goals for the future.

The New School understands that in order for the technology plan and the school to succeed, the Technology Team and school administrators support the fundamental truth that the plan will never be complete and that it must remain fluid. Therefore, the Technology Plan will be reviewed and updated every five years by the Technology Team to ensure the school’s vision and goals are consistent with the Technology Department’s policies and procedures.