At The New School we set a new standard for what secondary education looks like when the student is at the center of the program. Helping students create their own learning experiences is chief among our objectives.

In the Upper School, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) and pre-AP classes in order to prepare our students for college placement and beyond. Our program is academically challenging, stimulating, engaging and unique to Northwest Arkansas. Our focus is to create a personalized and innovative learning experience for each student.

The Middle School provides and environment that encourages the intellectual growth and emotional support that is specific to the needs of pre-adolescents. The New School's strong sense of community and low student-teacher ratio allows us the opportunity to have small instructional groups that provide a personalized learning journey for each student. There is a strong emphasis on teaching new century skills threaded throughout each curricular area. The New School's implementation of a STEAM-based curriculum allows our students more than basic exposure to the benefits of arts and technology; it is regularly incorporated in every aspect of the educational experience.

The success of our Lower School centers on creating the optimal foundation for each student's educational journey. Each teacher is committed to fostering a love of learning and to delivering engaging academic instruction, while providing the most supportive environment. Small class sizes and even smaller instructional groupings for literacy and math set our elementary school experience apart. Technology integrated at every level of the curriculum expands learning opportunities and encourages problem solving, systematic reasoning and collaboration among students. Both the schedule and curriculum are designed to support and guide students to reach their full potential.

The Preschool is dedicated to building a strong foundation and igniting a lifelong passion for learning in our children. We believe that every part of a child's day is a learning opportunity. The New School day is full of experiences involving language arts, math and science, visual arts, music and movement, and play in the carefully planned classroom learning centers and studio.

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The National Educational Longitudinal Study, conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, found that students attending independent schools:

  • Are more likely to enroll in advanced courses than their counterparts in public, parochial and other private schools;
  • Are significantly more likely to participate in varsity or intramural sports;
  • Are more likely to agree that students and teachers get along well, discipline is fair and teaching is good;
  • Lead the nation in postsecondary achievement;
  • Place a higher value on community service and civic participation.

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