Affording TNS

Current Tuition:
Our current tuition rates are designed to support the costs of delivering high-quality education while ensuring affordability for our students and families. For specific tuition rates, please refer to our admissions office or the most recent fee schedule.

Pricing History: 
Over the years, we've worked diligently to maintain a fair and competitive pricing model. Our historical pricing demonstrates our commitment to balancing affordability with the highest standards of education.

Cost of Education vs. Tuition:
We understand that the true cost of educating a student often exceeds the tuition fees. At The New School, we invest in various resources, including faculty, facilities, technology, and extracurricular activities, to provide a comprehensive educational experience. Our tuition fees reflect a portion of these costs, and we strive to supplement the remainder through various funding sources and donations.

2024-2025 Tuition Schedule

Grade(s) Tuition
Early Childhood (12 months - PreK) $15,730
Kindergarten - 12th Grade $16,820

Financial Assistance Opportunities

List of 4 items.

  • Loyalty Discount

    To show appreciation and support for returning students, we are offering a 2% retention discount for students who return their enrollment contracts by the enrollment deadline.
  • Early Pay Discount

    We are offering a 1% discount to full pay families that make their full payment by the approved deadline.
  • Education Freedom Account (EFA)

    We anticipate applying to be an eligible provider for EFA funding, available through the states LEARNS Act.
  • Financial Assistance

    Our admissions and financial aid offices are available to guide students and families through the application processes and explore available needs based funding options. To learn more, visit our Financial Assistance page.
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