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Music Scholarship

The New School is offering a music scholarship to prospective 7th - 12th grade students interested in a unique music education experience.

Here at The New School, our goal is to provide students with unforgettable learning and performance opportunities. We take pride in a diverse music program that offers a one of a kind curriculum. Music students are offered a choice of five performance ensembles covering genres in Rock, Funk, Jazz, R&B, and Pop music. In addition to live performance opportunities, students will take part in songwriting, recording sessions, music videos, and  masterclasses from the region’s and the world's greatest musicians. 

Music scholarship recipients will have access to individualized instruction that is tailored to their needs by quality educators and professional musicians. Private lessons are also available to all students and cover a variety of instruments and topics including instrumental development, music theory, improvisation, audio production, and songwriting.

An audition, in-person or by video, is required to be considered for the music scholarship. Instrumentalists and vocalists should prepare a 30-second piece for the audition.  

Our Musicians Work with Grammy Nominees

In December of 2020, The New School's Ensemble III recorded with Grammy-nominated musician, Dr. Jeffrey Murdock for a special Holiday performance of Donny Hathaway’s, “This Christmas." 

Our music facility is designed to prepare students for the real-world music scenarios. In addition to live performance, we are equipped with professional quality instruments and recording equipment for student use.
"I love The New School's music program. It's very self-driven, but the teachers here always challenge you to make you better at what you do." - Henry D., Class of 2024

Ready to Rock with The New School?

Our music building is more than just a classroom. It was designed to resemble a real music venue in order to teach students about every aspect of professional level performance. 

It’s in this space, that we focus on musicianship from every angle through a plan that is customized to make you the best musician you can be.

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